We cannot guarantee same-day lane availability. Please contact a manager at guest services to see the current lane availability is: 507-288-2601 ext. 0
If you are looking to make a lane reservation in the 
next seven days, click HERE to see availability and book a lane. We only allow two lanes to be reserved online at a time, and a maximum of seven days out. If you need more than two lanes, please contact us at 507-288-2601 ext. 0.

If you are looking to make a lane reservation 
further out than seven days, we have a lane reservation inquiry form HERE that you can fill out and we will contact you with availability. 

Otherwise you can always contact us by phone at 507-288-2601 ext. 5. The person who takes birthday party and large group reservations is typically available by phone Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. If they are unavailable when you call, p
lease leave a detailed message with the date the reservation is for, the number of people in your party, and your phone number. We will try to get back to you within one business day.

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Traditional Bowling Lanes

Rates Per Lane (Max. 5 people per lane)
All lanes have automatic bumpers

Tuesday-Friday until 4 p.m.: $16.99/Hour
Monday-Thursday after 4 p.m.: $18.99/Hour
Friday after 4 p.m. – Sunday: $20.99/Hour
Shoe Rental: $3.49/Person
**Per game rates are also available**

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Suites Bowling

These eight lanes have a lounge feel with couches, high-tops, two 24ft HD projection screens, and a private bar.

On top of that, the bowling lanes are BLUE! These are the perfect lanes to relax and have a cocktail with your friends.
Reservations are highly recommended.

Rates Per Lane (Max. 5 people per lane)
All lanes have automatic bumpers

Monday-Thursday: $25.99/Hour
Friday – Sunday: $30.99/Hour
Shoe Rental: $3.49/Person
**Per game rates are also available**


Cosmic Bowling is Back!

We turn the lights down, the music up, and flip on the blacklights!
Disco and LED lights illuminate the lanes. It is fun for everyone!

Reservations recommended!
Cost: Same rates as 16-lane side


Packages are a great way to do multiple activities and save a few dollars over the retail price.

Note: You can add-on any Arcade amount to all of these packages.
Bowling games for packages are in the 16-lane traditional side.



With our state of the art Sync scoring system, you can play a multitude of games while bowling, in addition to standard 10-pin.

Here is a sample of what our system offers!

Only pinpix lets you take photos or use images from your mobile devices, leveraging the Bunswick Cloud, or take pictures from the lane tablet. You will love capturing 10-frames of fun using filters and photo-editing tools that rival the ones on your favorite apps. And only only pinpix lets you photobomb each other while collecting hats, beards, glasses, and other wacky accessories.

Angry Birds Bowling
Angry Birds Classic is brought to life in a fast-paced bowling game where you race to dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole your eggs.

myShot (Suites Lanes Only)
For expert bowlers looking to refine their technique or the competitive group looking to challenge their friends on a favorite spare combination, the myShot spare trainer allows the bowler to pick a pattern and repeat the attempts at that pattern.

easy bowling picture

E-Z Bowling
This 5-frame/1-ball-per-frame game makes the perfect activity for young children’s birthday parties!

Creature Feature
Another 5-frame/1-ball-per-frame game, this one with a gallery of spooky fun monsters that play along.

sync horse picture

HORSE (Suites Lanes Only) 
This addictive game mimics the classic playground basketball shot-making game, challenging opponents to knock down specified pin configurations instead of hoop shots.

369 picture

3-6-9 Free Strike
Helps level the playing field between different bowler skill levels by awarding every play an automatic free strike in the third, sixth, and ninth frames.

no tap picture

This game credits bowlers for strikes even when they only topple six, seven, eight, or nine pins.

Best Frame Game
Assemble your team and let the lanes crown the next champions. With Best Frame, groups of friends and family can join forces, each player bowling their turn with the frame’s best ball taken as the team’s score for the round. Can you crush the competition with the perfect 300? Only one way to find out

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